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Supervisors working to improve roads as soon as possible

Supervisors say they have been constantly working to maintain roads, attempting to patch them, at least temporarily, until some of the roads can qualify for state money, or at least until money from the state’s relatively new lottery filters from the state to county treasuries, allowing them funding to rework and replace a network of roads in poor condition.
Board of supervisors president Larry Montgomery said this year has been the worst he can recall, as far as rains undermining roads. Third district supervisor Doug Popwell agreed, noting that not only does rain delay repairs, but in some cases washes out the filler that’s been used to patch a pot hole.
Fifth district supervisor Clennel Brown, asked about the status of the county’s rock spreader, recalling that Bruce Boyd, fourth district supervisor, was going to house it at his barn until it could be taken to a repairman. Apparently the spreader is still in line to be fixed.
Brown also quizzed the board about the fixed packer.
Montgomery said he didn’t know the condition of the packer.
“The last I heard there was trouble getting parts,” Montgomery told Brown.
Brown replied with, “When y’all gonna buy one?”
“I thought it’s all five of us together,” Montgomery said.
At that point, Brown made a motion to purchase a new packer, but his motion failed to get a second after Montgomery said the countywide road fund budget, where the funds would have to come from, had only $4200 in the account.

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