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State begins to re-open businesses

At press time Monday, Mississippi’s statewide lockdown was to end at 8 a.m.
Gov. Tate Reeves made the announcement Friday in a statewide address, explaining his path to re-opening Mississippi.
A different order, a “safer at home” order, replaces the previous stay at home order.
The new order from the governor allows widespread reopening of retail stores and other businesses.
Under the new order residents are encouraged to stay at home whenever possible. Those who are elderly and those with compromised immune systems are still ordered to “shelter in place,” or stay-at-home.
Restaurants are still limited to drive-thru, carry out or delivery service.
Some businesses will remain closed including businesses where close contact is unavoidable. Salons, gyms, spas, tattoo parlors are included in those to remain closed. Also closed are amusement and entertainment establishments–casinos, theatres, bars and museums.
The order banning social gatherings of 10 or more is still in effect. Social distancing remains in effect.
While retail establishments are allowed to open–they allowed only 50% of their legal capacity limit.
State Health Office Dr. Thomas Dobbs has okayed the decision giving his okay to begin loosening rules on the stay-at-home order.
“I wish we could open up for everybody but we are not at that point yet,” Reeves said.
The order is state-wide, with Reeves saying that there is no city or county where this is unsafe.
“This is not a return to normal,” he said. “I know one day we will [return to normal], today is not that day.”
The governor describes the planned return to normal is similar to a light bulb dimmer rather than a light bulb switch—gradually moving from dim to bright.

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