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Barbecue competition still on for Aug. 28-29

Barbecue competition still on for Aug. 28-29
The South Mississippi Boucherie Barbeque Competition is still on after being rescheduled for Friday and Saturday, Aug 28-29, at Southwest Events Center.
Application forms and information is availabe online by going to the Boucherie website at
Steven Pigott, spokesman for the competition, said some of the “contact” activities geared toward kids may be cut back in order to provide physical separation due to coronavirus concerns. He says the competition should be able to proceed as teams expected to work in a designated location.
“The teams will be busy preparing their entries. Pretty much they will be staying to themselves so the likelihood of contact with others is very little,” Pigott said.
“A team member will still deliver the team’s entry to the judges, but overall, there shouldn’t be close contact between competitors, judges and spectators. We’ve been to a couple of competitions after things began to open back up, and everyone is taking a common sense approach as to social distancing and the wearing of masks or other precautions.”
Pigott says they’re moving forward with the Aug. 28-29 event at the events center with plans to resume the normally scheduled March competition dates in 2021.
The event is sanctioned by the Memphis Barbecue Network and sponsored by the Walthall County Chamber of Commerce.

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