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Final push this week to collect signatures on beer petition

Petition organizers continue their efforts to put the question of legal sale of beer and liquor to the voters at the Nov. 3 general election. Their goal is to complete the petitions this week, and there is a final push to collect signatures on the beer petition.
The latest figures available show 1980 signatures on the beer petition and nearly 2000 (1950) for liquor. The goal is to collect 2500 for beer and 2000 for liquor in order to allow for duplicate signatures,unqualified voters and others who cannot be counted.
To get the proposals on the ballot, at least 20% of registered voters must sign the petition for beer. For the liquor petition to be validated, 20% of voters or 1500 signatures are required, whichever is lower.
Beer petitions are now set up permanently this week at both Market Max locations, Market Max 98 on the bypass and Market Max Downtown on Beulah Ave. A table inside the doors of both businesses is set up for voters to sign at any time the stores are open.
There are also petitions available at Improve Grocery, Dexter Grocery, The Blue Store, Graves Cycle, Amy’s Hair and Nails, Amelia J’s, Laird’s Tire, Rushing Shoe Shop and Eddie’s Barber Shop.

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