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Sept. 22 election involves 9 precincts

Walthall County voters in State Senate District 39 will go to the polls Tuesday, Sept. 22, for the special election to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of Sally Doty.
Nine candidates have qualified for the seat.
Voters from nine precincts will participate in the election: East Tylertown, West Tylertown, 4th District Tylertown, Varnel, Sartinville, Darbun, 4th District West, Enon and Hope.
Two of the precincts, East Tylertown and West Tylertown are so-called split precincts, meaning only a limited number of voters of the two precincts may vote in District 39.
Sixty six of the 94 active voters in East Tylertown and 134 of the 624 active voters in West Tylertown precincts are eligible to vote in the special senate election as only those voters are residents of District 39. The remainder of the voters in the two split precincts are residents of District 38 and do not vote in the Sept. 22 election.

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