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All families have been adopted for Christmas

The annual Adopt-a-Family listing of needy children at Christmas has about 77 applicants who were screened and approved by the Adopt-a-Family committee. All of these families have been adopted by local businesses and invidual families in the community as follows:
1. Adopted anonymously.
2. Adopted by the Rand Family.
3. Adopted by Laird’s Tire.
4. Adopted by Christopher and Destiny Jennings, Isabella and Madison.
5. Adopted by Vintage Guitar Emporium.
6. Adopted by Citizen’s Bank Employees.
7. Adopted anonymously.
8. Adopted by Creekside Grill.
9. Adopted by Braycen and Blayklie Alford.
10. Adopted by Harvey’s Academy.
11. Adopted by Kyndal and Addy Craft, Kage Bedwell, Keaton Roberts, Rustyn and Talen Boyd and Harley and Kylin Payne.
12. Adopted anonymously.
13. Adopted by Vintage Guitar Emporium.
14. Adopted by Citizen’s Bank Employees.
15. Adopted by Blackwell’s Air and Heat.
16. Adopted by Austin and Cellina.
17. Adopted by Richard and Diann Alexander.
18. Adopted by Tylertown Rotary.
19. Adopted anonymously.
20. Adopted anonymously.
21. Adopted anonymously.
22. Adopted by Sayler Polk.
23. Adopted anonymously.
24. Adopted anonymously.
25. Adopted by the Tylertown Catholic Men and Women’s Club.
26. Adopted anonymously.
27. Adopted by Lauren Dunaway
28. Adopted by Lynlee and Morgan Pittman.
29. Adopted by the Prissy Peacock.
30. Adopted by Preston Thomas.
31. Adopted anonymously.
32. Adopted anonymously.
33. Adopted by Cardio World.
34. Adopted anonymously.
35. Adopted by Jimmy and Jennifer Fortenberry.
36. Adopted by Hali Brumfield, Jake Meranto and Debby Easley.
37. Adopted by Lampton Rushing Insurance.
38. Adopted by Lori Swanner Interiors.
39. Adopted anonymously.
40. Adopted anonymously.
41. Adopted by Cardio World.
42. Adopted by Magee’s Creek Baptist Church.
43. Adopted by Mord Law Firm.
44. Adopted by the Servants Class of Tylertown Baptist Church.
45. Adopted anonymously.
46. Adopted by Knox and Ford Seabrook.
47. Adopted by The District Attorney’s Office.
48. Adopted anonymously.
49. Adopted by Dylan, Caden and Logan Rushing.
50. Adopted by Mac’s Used Cars.
51. Adopted anonymously.
52. Adopted by St Paul Catholic Church.
53. Adopted by Cardio World.
54. Adopted by Cardio World.
55. Adopted by Walthall General Hospital Employees.
56. Adopted by Justin, Rachel and Duncan Knight.
57. Adopted by Jones Furniture.
58. Adopted by the Loup Family.
59. Adopted anonymously.
60. Adopted by Nancy, John and Doug Todd and Leigh Brannan.
61. Adopted by Khloe, Addie Kate and Landry Mauthe.
62. Adopted anonymously.
63. Adopted by Knox and Ford Seabrook.
64. Adopted by Redland Cotton.
65. Adopted in Memory of Lisa Popwell.
66. Adopted anonymously.
67. Adopted by Jimmy and Lisa Crawford.
68. Adopted anonymously.
69. Adopted by the District Attorney’s Office.
70. Adopted by Walthall County Farm Bureau Women’s Community.
71. Adopted by Pigott Oil Company and Employees.
72. Adopted by Cardio World.
73. Adopted by Deep South Embroidery.
74. Adopted by Presley Miller.
75. Adopted by Redland Cotton.
76. Adopted anonymously.
77. Adopted by New Beginning Apostolic Church.

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