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Plaza Drive project to rework entrance to Tylertown Plaza

Work is underway on the Plaza Drive intersection with Hwy. 583 to make the entrance coincide with the road on the west side of the highway. The project is part of an overall road project to upgrade the old roadway to the standard of the newly opened Plaza Drive that extends to Hwy. 27. The eastern part of Plaza Drive was completed recently, to open the area east of Guy’s Pharmacy to commercial development. This last phase of the project revamps the route of the old roadway and upgrades the drainage. Once complete, Plaza Drive on the west and east sides of Hwy. 583 will intersect directly across from each other, just as the new addition to Plaza Drive intersects with hwy. 27, directly across from Dollar General. “Once completed the roadway will be more defined from the Tylertown Plaza parking area, serving as an access road to both the areas already developed and those sites intended for future development,” said Mayor Ed Hughes. Recent rains have halted the work, which is set to resume when the weather breaks.

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