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Check state treasury website. You may be owed money

At least 10 county residents have unclaimed money in excess of $100 each being held for them by the Mississippi State Treasurer’s office. In addition to the 12 listed here, there are many more countians with amounts due them of $100 or less listed by the state treasury.
State Treasurer David McRae says the people listed below all have Tylertown addresses with amounts owed them of over $100 each. The reasons for the unclaimed money ranges from moving from an old address without leaving a forwarding address. A refund could have been sent, but arrived at the old address. Frequently people may inherit something and because they could not be located, McRae’s office was sent the money.
In fact, McRae said about 1 in 10 Mississippians will find their names listed on his website as being owed some amount of money.
The 10 claims on file with the state of having refunds worth over $100 each and their last known address include:
Hazel L. Walker,.O. Box 672; Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, 2 Taylor Peters Road, Ritchie Janet, 220 Dexter Centerville Road; Jerry Demetrious Smith, P.O. Box 389; Gerald Dowell, P.O. Box 575; Amanda Smith, P.O. Box 101, 608 Holiday Road; Wayne Reid (POD), 58 Tylertown Mesa Road; Green Tree Servicing, Danny K. and Dixie Sellers 197 Brandon Bay Road; Roger Walker, P. O. Box 672; and Kelly Verdun, 718 Hwy. 27 N.
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