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Special election to be set to fill Ward 4 vacancy

Tylertown will have a special election in August to fill the Ward 4 alderman’s position after the Democratic Party nominee was determined to be disqualified by the town’s election commission.
Five of the six members of the Democratic Committee voted unanimously to refrain from appointing a replacement nominee to appear on the ballot for the general election, saying they felt the selection would best be determined by the voters of Ward 4.
Since the Ward 4 position is vacant, city clerk Lori Hawn says when the board of aldermen assemble for their first meeting of the new four-year term July 6, they will declare an opening in the ward and set a special election to fill the position in August.
At that time the election commission will be notified of the need to conduct the special election and qualifying will open for those interested in running for the post.
As the mayor and four aldermen have been confirmed as winners of the Democratic primary without any opponents, the results of the April 6 primary will serve as the general election with those candidates taking office July 6.
The present Ward 4 alderman, Carolyn Magee, who was defeated by the now disqualified Curtis Hart Magee, will serve in the spot until the results of the special election determine a new Ward 4 alderman.
Hart-Magee was disqualified after information surfaced revealing his had two felony drug convictions in Walthall Circuit Court, dating back to 2007. Neither of the convictions has been expunged, according to court records, although Hart said he thought his lawyer had taken care of the matter some years back.
The six member Democratic Committee includes Robert Jones, chairman; Catherine Walker, Sharron Stevenson, Dana Harvey, Becky Dyson and Bernard Ginn. Ginn was absent from last Tuesday’s meeting.

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