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Ward 4 special election

Aldermen declared a vacancy in Ward 4 and passed a resolution calling a special election for Tuesday, Aug. 17 for voters in the ward to choose someone to fill the seat. Candidates who choose to run have until Wednesday, July 28, at 5 p.m. to submit qualification materials to the city clerk.
Meantime, Ald. Carolyn Magee will continue to serve until the special election is held.
The town set the Aug. 17 date at the suggestion of city attorney Joe Stinson who said the date would allow candidates the most time to qualify.
In a special election, all candidates run without regard to party affiliation. Prospective candidates in the ward must submit a petition to the city clerk containing the names of at least 15 qualified voters in the ward and submit statements and forms required by the state.
The vacancy came about after it was determined that the candidate nominated in the Democratic primary was not qualified to serve. The Democratic executive committee declined to appoint a successor making the special election necessary.

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