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Competition results of 2nd annual South Miss. Boucherie BBQ festival

The Professional grand champion trophy went to Boom Boom Que. Lori Hawn, Cindy Mord and Taylor Stringer presented the trophy to the team.

The Patio grand champion trophy went to Bench Press BBQ. Lori Hawn presents the trophy to Alex White, an Army major stationed at Camp Shelby. This was White’s first-ever barbecue competition.

Tylertown finally got its crack at a full-bore Boucherie this year after getting off to an abbreviated start last year after running into postponements and delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This year with triple the contestants on hand in both amateur and professional divisions, the two-day event went off without a hitch. Teams began arriving Friday morning, in order to check in and get the fires burning.
Most teams put on meats between 10 p.m. and midnight to begin cooking to have their entries ready to turn in to judges Saturday.
Amateur and professional teams follow closely the same cooking lineup. Both divisions turn in entries for ribs and pulled pork, but in the case of amateur teams, they turn in an entry for pork loin while professionals turn in an entry for whole hog.
Winners received cash prizes and trophies, while the overall winners get a giant size trophy and bragging rights for a year.
Winston Fortenberry, who cooked the barbeque sold at the Boucherie concession stand, noted the trophies were all hand-made in Tylertown and assembled here. The grand prize stained glass trophies are made by a 100% disabled veteran; metal trophies were crafted by students at the Walthall Career and Technology Center; and the cutting board trophies were made by a former Tylertown resident that now lives away.
The winners in the various divisions included:
Best decorated participant spot–Porkenberrys;
Ancillary results (Friday’s contests); Sauce–Budrow’s; Cakes–Jennifer Allen (strawberry cream cheese cake); Deviled eggs–Cobra Chi (Laird’s); Wings–1st, Second Hand Smoke; 2nd, Boom Boom Cue; 3rd, Boneyard Smokers.
Backyard (Patio) Amateur Division…
Pulled pork–5th place, Dirty Porkers; 4th place, Houston Hog Cookers; 3rd place, Bench Press BBQ; 2nd place, Boneyard Smokers; 1st place, Cobra Chi BBQ (Laird).
Ribs–5th place, Boneyard Smokers; 4th place, Bench Press BBQ; 3rd place, Houston Hog Cookers; 2nd place, Cobra Chi BBQ; 1st place, Team Porkenberry.
Pork Loin–5th place, Team Porkenberry; 4th, Dirty Porkers; 3rd, Boneyard Smokers; 2nd, Houston Hog Cookers; 1st, Bench Press BBQ.
Grand overall champion in the Patio division: Bench Press BBQ.
Professional Division…
Whole Hog–5th, Second Hand Smoke; 4th, Fireman John; 3rd, Hog Addiction; 2nd, Poker Porkers; 1st, Boom Boom Que;
Pulled Pork–5th, Smoke Masters; 4th, Budrow BBQ; 3rd, Hog Addiction; 2nd, Fireman John; 1st, Boom Boom Que;
Ribs–5th, Fire Side Smokers; 4th, Porker Porkers; 3rd, Second Hand Smoke; 2nd, Rolling Bones BBQ; 1st, Blue Collar BBQ.
Grand overall champion in the Professional division: Boom Boom Que.

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