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Burn ban remains in effect for county

Walthall property owners are reminded of a prohibition against any outdoor burning activity.
County fire coordinator Jimmy Boyd said the ban will remain in effect until the county receives a significant amount of rainfall.
“Although we had a good chance of rain a couple days last week, it failed to materialize. While some areas received only a slight amount, most of the county remained without precipitation,” Boyd said “We’ve been experiencing extremely dry conditions for several weeks now.”
When wildfire breaks out with conditions like they are, county fire departments and the State Forestry Commission have a difficult time in getting control of such fires.
“A wildfire taxes both our men and equipment,” Boyd said. “In the case of county firemen, these men are volunteers and have to take time off from work or leave their families to fight fire.”
Outdoor burning of any kind is prohibited with only a few special exceptions.
“For the most part, it’s better to avoid any kind of outdoor burning while the burn ban is in effect,” said Boyd.

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