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Democratic primary runoff decides two county posts

The Aug. 29 Democratic runoff settled two county races, and since neither of the winners faces opposition in the November general election, their wins are tantamount to victory as both will assume their offices on Jan. 2, 2024.
Billy Bridges upset sitting supervisor, Lloyd Bullock, 290-231, to win election to the fifth district supervisor’s slot.
Rodney Magee outdistanced Frederick Magee Jr pulling off a 516-430 victory to win election to the 1st (Northern) District constable’s post.
The runoff did not attract the numbers that the first primary did, when about 35% of the 10,000 active voters in the county voted.
Naturally, fewer voters returned to the polls for the runoff, since only four precincts were involved in the fifth district constables race and 10 precincts voted in the constable’s election for the Northern of 1st Justice Court District.
A total of 951 ballots were cast last Tuesday, including absentee and precinct votes, slightly under 10% of voters taking the time to participate in the runoff.
The supervisor’s race attracted a lot of attention as the defeat of Lloyd Bullock, the incumbent, means four new supervisors will be taking office Jan. 2. District 3 supervisor Doug Popwell ran without opposition and is the only experienced officeholder among leaders of the county’s governing body for the next four-year-term.
Incumbents Larry Montgomery and Ken Craft, 1st and 2nd district supervisors, respectively, were both defeated in the first Democratic primary Aug. 8. Bruce Boyd, 4th district supervisor, chose not to seek re-election.

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