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Crimestoppers spearheading drive for lightweight body armor

Sheriff’s investigators say the county is seeing a rise in gang activity and they’re not equipped to meet the threat head-on.
Since the budget is set for the next year, the department is attempting to raise funds for three vests for use by investigators, who will also double as members of an area task force to combat gang activity.
The county’s three investigators would be tasked, along with their other duties, to provide manpower for the task force.
As the vests are the prevalent need at the moment, the department has decided to ask for voluntary donations through Crimestoppers to help fund the purchases of three up-to-date, armored, light-weight vests capable of repelling shots from automatic weapons like AR-15s and AK-47s.
The overall cost of three of the vests is between $7000-$8000.
Donations can be made by contacting Crimestoppers through Jeremy Holmes at Pigott Oil Co.
Because officers are required to go head to head with suspected gang members, who are usually in automobiles in groups of four or more, the lighter vests of 12-15 pounds will give them more freedom of movement without being hampered by the extra weight of the older 30 to 35 pound vests.
Besides the weight advantage, the vests are designed for protection from high powered rifles, as opposed to the older vests which were designed for protection against pistol rounds.

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