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Chiefs pull off 35-0 shutout of St. Pat at homecoming

Tylertown’s Chiefs retained their No. 3 spot in 3A Region 8 Friday night and upped their overall record to 2-7 on the season with a homecoming win over St. Patrick High School, Biloxi.
The Chiefs scored early and didn’t look back, including a one-handed pass reception setting up the Chiefs’ final score.
With less than three minutes showing on the clock, the Fighting Irish lost their will to fight, tossed in the towel and the Chiefs walked away with only their second win of the year.
This Friday, Tylertown plays Perry Central with the outcome of the contest deciding which team will advance to the 3A playoffs beginning in November.
As of Friday night, Perry Central held the No. 3 rank with a 1-2 district and 2-6 overall record while the Chiefs, in the No. 4 slot, according to Scorebook Live, is also 1-2 in district and 2-7 overall.
St. Patrick, at 0-4 district and 2-7 overall, is at the bottom of the district at No. 5.
Rounding out the top two in district is St. Stanislaus. At 3-0 in district and 7-1 overall they hold the top spot, followed by West Marion, also at 3-0 in district and 4-4 overall.
The Salem-Lumberton game was cancelled last week.
The 0-3 district, 0-8 overall Wildcats wind up the season Friday against East Marion, 1-3 district, 2-7 overall.

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