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County to replace E-911 generator

Meeting in a called session Monday morning, county supervisors declared an emergency situation to provide backup power for the county sheriff’s office, primarily E-911 dispatch, the sheriff’s office and the deputies’ office.
The 40 KW generator that has been used by the county is 25-30 years old and nearing its life’s end.
Supervisors had a proposal drawn up by an electrical engineer. That proposal called for a complete new generating system, capable of running the entire building. It called for a 150 KW generator at an estimated cost of $150,000 or more.
Supervisors questioned the high rating of the proposed generator, and officials suggested going back with a generator that would run only dispatch and the two offices at the building in order for emergency communications, the 911 system to continue uninterrupted.
David Holmes suggested a 60 KW generator for the job, powered by natural gas with propane backup.
As the old system isn’t working, Walthall Emergency Management has a spare generator borrowed from Adams County they plan to hook up for the short term, until an emergency repair can be done to the present generator to give the county backup power while a new generator is in the process of being built by a Mississippi company, Taylor of Clinton.
The expected date for completion and delivery of a new generator is 40 to 50 weeks.
Emergency manager, Royce McKee, told the board he will contact MEMA about the immediate need, to see if the process of acquiring the new generator can be speeded up.

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