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School board gives okay to repair on THS building damaged by storm

In order to save time and get operation back to normal with as little time loss as possible, the county school board gave their okay to repair and reconstruction of the one-time THS computer technology building, now used for alternative school.
The building was heavily damaged by high winds that took the roof off the structure. Because the building was formerly the tech building on campus, all the internet and computer lines that access the campus go through that building.
The architect recommended the school adopt emergency measures in order to have the campus back to normal as soon as possible. The school was able to restore internet and telephone service by the day after the storm, so the campus only lost one day of school.
Supt. of Ed. Bradley Brumfield said immediately after the storm damage mitigation workers were on scene.
The roof and computer and internet wiring to the campus were affected, lines got wet and workers were engaged after the initial cleanup to replace what was needed to get the campus up and operating on a normal basis.
The State Department of Education allows schools to sidestep state bid laws in the case of emergency such as that at THS.
“We can get someone to go ahead and mitigate right afterward, and we’re able to sign a contract for the repair and renovation work using two quotes, rather than going through the bid process, which would stretch the project out months,” Brumfield said.
The board okayed the emergency authority to mitigate the damages and get two quotes from contractors in order to build back as soon as possible. By doing so, the district should save at least a month and probably more to have repairs made with up to six months to complete.
The declaration authorizes taking off the old roof trusses, replacing them with new ones, adding decking, rewiring, ceiling lights, insulation and wiring, including replacing interior doors, as old ones got wet, will swell and no longer fit following the storm.

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