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Town’s Easter parade, egg hunt set for this weekend

Tylertown’s annual Easter parade and egg hunt open to children 10 and under will again take place this Saturday, a week prior to Easter
The parade begins this Saturday, 10 a.m. at Centennial Square, downtown, as families accompany their children to the square to participate in activities, games and crafts, plus enjoy cookies and milk.
Both the morning’s parade and the afternoon’s Easter egg hunt at Holmes Water Park are open to children age 10 and under.
Children will have plenty of opportunities at both events to have their photo taken with the Easter Bunny, Miss Hospitality or both.
A little prior to 11 a.m., kids will line up behind Miss Hospitality and the Easter Bunny for a walking parade, taking several turns around the enclosed square.
After disbanding a little after 11, families can take a lunch break if they wish, then begin to arrive at Holmes Water Park, using the Hwy. 198 entrance at the Magee’s Creek bridge, gathering close to the park pavilion beginning at 12:30 p.m., in order to receive instructions about the egg hunt and separate into groups to hunt in age-specific areas designated at the park.
Ages 9-10; 7-8; 5-6; 3-4; and 2 and under will begin the hunt at 1 p.m.
There are over 3000 plastic eggs stuffed with candy available to hunters and a section of larger stuffed eggs available to the youngest age group.
After the hunt, participants gather back at the pavilion for refreshments. They can unpack their eggs at the pavilion and have the option of keeping the plastic shells, or turning them back to the Chamber for use again next year.
Angie Boyd has chaired the paradefor the Chamber for many years as kids, accompanied by parents and family, take part in games and Easter crafts, meet Miss Hospitality and get photo ops with the Easter Bunny, prior to parading in the square at 11 a.m.
Angie Boyd has chaired the Easter activity in the square for years, just as she chairs similar children’s events during the Christmas season.
The Easter egg hunt in Tylertown dates back over 50 years, starting when WTYL Radio opened its grounds to children for a hunt on a Sunday afternoon with the staff boiling and coloring over 1000 eggs in the early years. After a few years it had grown to the point that the small staff couldn’t handle the preparation and hiding of the eggs, and a lack of parking contributed to the Chamber of Commerce taking over the hunt and adding the Easter parade as one of its family-oriented events.

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