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Sales tax remains steady

The May report of sales taxes diverted to cities show state sales tax collections based on retail sales for the month of April
Sales tax collections for Tylertown, based on local sales by local merchants for the month of April, increased over the same month in 2019, but dropped slightly from the previous month.
The town collected $56,557 based on April 2020 sales, an increase from a year ago. Overall, sales for the year declined slightly from 2019,
The tax figures reflect city sales during a full month of coronavirus. City officials were expecting to see a drop in collections due to the virus.
Neighboring McComb, where Tylertown loses some of its sales tax drain, did suffer a hit in their share of sales tax collections for the month of April, just as it did for the previous month of March. McComb’s sales are lagging last year’s sales.
Columbia, on the other hand, showed an increase in local sales tax collections, reflecting April sales, and also had increased collections for March. According to the figures, Columbia sales have increased slightly since last year.

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