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Walthall 4-H needs volunteers

By Adam Barrilleaux
Walthall Extension Agent
4-H is America’s largest youth development organization with nearly six million members in the U.S. 4-H believes in the potential of all young people and strives to support their development. The traditional rural participants of 4-H comprise 2.6 million of all club membership while roughly 3.6 million members come from urban or suburban areas. It is safe to say that there is a 4-H program for everyone. Nationwide the 4-H program has over 500,00 registered volunteers to support youth programming: an average of 12 youth per volunteer. Volunteering is not easy since it does require some paperwork as well as a background check, but it is a very worthy use of time. Walthall County currently has 52 4-H members enrolled with hopes to gain more, but 0 registered volunteers. 4-H thrives on active volunteers. Volunteers can make use of their skills and interest to help lead healthy, diverse programs. Walthall County 4-H is looking for volunteers of all disciplines to help with various programs. We would really like to get our shooting sports programs off the ground as well as any other programs (horticulture, robotics, clothing construction etc.) that 4-Hers might be interested in undertaking. If you are interested in potentially becoming a registered volunteer, please contact the Walthall County Extension office at 601-876-4021. We could use your help.

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