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Paving of county roads again underway

The paving contractor working on the countywide road surfacing project is back in the county. Parker Dungan of Dungan Engineers said T.L. Wallace will put crews to work, first in the fourth district, and then continue with the remaining paving program in the county.
Dungan said the bridge projects on Old Sandy Hook, Breland-Brown and Sims Thornhill are completed and Sunlight Road is close to getting underway with right-of-way acquisition to be completed.
He said the Stallings Bridge Road stabilization project is in the process of getting underway. The county received an $800,000 grant for the bank stabilization project.
He said about $250,000 is needed to match the grant, and that most of that will come from state aid funds.
“It’s a necessary project, otherwise you’re in danger of losing the road,” Dungan said.

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