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Board to rescind beer petition; accept both in September for election

Supervisors had earlier accepted a liquor petition, but after learning the election has to be held within 60 days of petitioning the board, they will rescind acceptance of the petition until sometime in September.
In order to hold the election in conjunction with the Nov. 3 general election, organizers say they plan to ask supervisors to rescind acceptance of the signatures, then submit both petitions at the same time sometime in September to be inside the 60-day window.
Walthall voters will most likely have a chance to decide Nov. 3 on the question of legal liquor sales and legal beer sales in the county. The liquor petition has the required number of voters as verified petition signers asking for the measure to be placed on the ballot.
In excess of 3200 names have been submitted to the circuit clerk on a petition calling for a vote on legal beer sales within the county. Approximately 2016 verified signers are needed to get on the ballot. Organizers are still collecting signatures until the required number of verifications is met and say they believe there is enough in the way of “cushion” in those remaining to be validated, that it’s likely the measure will also be on the November ballot.

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