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Burn ban is lifted, fire depts. stress caution when burning

The Walthall County Fire Service and board of supervisors have lifted a burn ban that had been in effect for about a week after heavy rains last week provided needed moisture to the ground.
But the service reminds countians that anytime any outdoor burning is done, whether burning leaves, limbs, getting rid of dead grass in gardens or pastures or if doing a controlled follow precautions and notify the proper agencies if you are required to do so.
Anytime you burn out of doors, use extreme caution. Be prepared to stay and watch the fire to make it stays under control. Don’t burn on windy days, if possible, always keep abreast of wind direction, and if you’re burning leaves in the yard, keep a water hose nearby.
The fire service reminds countians to plow fire plans so that all grass is covered with dirt to keep flames from crossing the lanes.
If you’re planning to burn fields and timber underbrush, advise the Walthall County Sheriff’s Office of what you are doing so E-911operators won’t dispatch volunteer firemen to a controlled burn. It’s a good idea to advise the Mississippi Forestry Commission as well.
Fire coordinator Jimmy Boyd says all volunteer firemen enjoy serving their communities, “but no one enjoys chasing fires all day when most could be avoided. It takes up man hours, eats up fuel, causes wear and tear on equipment and involves volunteers leaving their jobs to fight fires.”
He reminds everyone to do their part in controlling wildfires by carefully watching when they burn and keeping the fire under control.
“When you strike that match to light a fire, you are responsible,” Boyd said.

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